• Transdermal permeation control technology
    Nanocapsules composed of phospholipid bilayers, such as liposomes, are vesicles that have high affinity with the skin and can efficiently deliver the encapsulated ingredients to the skin. We have reported on improving the stability of liposomes in cosmetics by changing the membrane fluidity, and on the development of "bicelles," capsules that are finer and more permeable than conventional ones.In this course, we are conducting research to optimize these nanocapsules for use in cosmetics.

  • Research on eliciting positive emotions
    It is the unique appeal of cosmetics that they make us feel positive when we use them. By combining physiological approaches, such as measuring brain waves and hormones, and psychological approaches, we are engaged in research to achieve wellness (not only physically, but also mentally and socially) through cosmetic behavior.

  • Searching for Bioactive Substances
    Bioactive substances in cosmetics are ingredients that have specific effects on the skin and hair. For example, moisturizers and whiteners contribute to skin moisture retention and dullness reduction. To maintain healthy skin and hair, we are searching for new bioactive substances from the viewpoints of skin physiology and molecular biology, such as controlling aging at the cellular level.