Laboratory of Skin Science (Mandom)

Cosmetics have the power to make us happy.
In this course, we will examine the unique ways in which cosmetics appeal to our senses of sight, smell, and touch.

In addition, we will review existing technologies that can lead to a positive state of both skin and mind ("skin wellness") through the application of dermatology, pharmacology, molecular biology, neuroscience and colloid chemistry.


In this course, we will aim to create a new system for delivering bioactive substances to the necessary sites in an efficient and low-stimulus manner. We will use skin evaluation technology to pursue this goal.

At the same time, we will search for bioactive substances that inhibit skin aging and apply these substances to the development of highly functional skincare products that address skin concerns on an individual basis.

In addition, we will create value based on our understanding and appreciation of the five senses, emotions, and sensitivity.
We will apply the findings of neuroscience and Kansei science to conduct research on cosmetics that will be useful for addressing future issues of consumers, such as motivation for living, healthy lifespan, and stress.